GBS accelerates wafer inspection

GBS, a leading company for optical 3D sensors based on Coherence Scanning (White-Light) Interferometry now offers complete wafer inspection systems, that are configured to operate under clean room conditions. 10GigE cameras and real time evaluation on the latest GPGPUs (General Purpose Graphic Processing Units) with calculation power of approx. 100 Core i9 PCs accelerate the measurement process. As a result, more wafers, more positions per wafer and bigger measurement areas can be scanned compared to alternative sensor systems. The Speedytec® supporting system software fully automatically realises measurement and evaluation processes. Thus, saving both time and money.

For wavers up to 300 mm in diameter, standard granite portals are available. Compatible sensors like the smartWLI dual, the smartWLI next, the smartWLI compact, the smartWLI firebolt and the smartWLI nanoscan are equipped with high-speed cameras providing frame rates up to 935 Hz and measurement point numbers up to 5 MP while also offering topography reproducibility down to 0,03 µm for single scans with a spatial sampling down to 0,03 µm. The motorized Z axis may compensate specimen height up to 50 mm. Optionally, all advertised systems can be equipped with automated tilt compensation and free choice of light source for various application scenarios.

Integrators may use the sensors in their measurement stations. All available sensor features and functions are also available as an SDK interface. The high-performance sensor components and the Speedytec® software engine will boost the performance by both faster measurements and a noticeable reduction of non-optimal environmental conditions like vibration and temperature drift.