Minimize your costs with a quality assurance solution from GBS

Use our experience in the field of quality assurance in production. Not only our 2D image processing solutions but also our 3D surface sensors are well equipped for in-line use. With our unique technology Speedytec a 3D surface measurement can be made at full sensor resolution every second!

A typical situation in the production of precision turning parts is the dimensional stability test of the turning tools at the beginning of the shift. For this purpose, articles from the current production will be handed over to the measuring laboratory for approval, in order to obtain a release for the continuous production. In mass production on several automatic lathe machines, the measuring laboratory is overloaded by the amount of necessary measurements, which leads to delays in the production process. 

The GBS mbH was able to develop the optimum solution for problem solving with a new automatic measuring station. The measuring station can be installed directly in the production environment with short distances to the lathes. The worker can check his manufactured articles without measuring technical knowledge and training effort himself.

An automatic transmission of the measurement reports into the tool production enables a timely response to tool wear by providing replacement tools. The measurement reports can also be used for statistical analysis and traceability.

The initial installation at a well-known manufacturer of precision turning parts showed a fast integration into the production process with high acceptance. By staff relief in the test laboratory and the resulting acceleration of the production release to the scope and efficiency of the production could be increased clearly.