Surface measurement 4.0 - GBS for the Innovation Forum in Stuttgart

GBS already has the technology for Surface Measurement 4.0, which became clear at the Innovation Forum on October 9, 2018 in Stuttgart. 

Quality Engineering Innovation Forum on October 9, 2018 in Stuttgart
Surface metrology 4.0

Surface metrology devices new challenges: its relocation to or into the production line increasingly requires optical metrology and automation. The innovation forum of Quality Engineering in October in Stuttgart was dedicated to these and other current questions around the topic.
With the lecture of Mr. Liedmann (Sales Manager GBS) on "Realization of in-line roughness measurements by increasing the performance of white light interferometry", GBS was able to show how the smartWLI technology can be integrated into the manufacturing process. The presentation was supported by an exhibition of the smartWLI compact, the sensor for inline roughness measurement technology.