Project Start EVG3D

Project start "Development of methods for obtaining 3D surface measurement data by parallel processing using openCL for GPU"

The GBS mbH has been developing and marketing systems for 3D surface measurement since 2008. Basis of the technology is white light interferometry and focus variation. In recent years, a great need for further development of this technology has emerged from the laboratory to production equipment for usable 3D sensor. The biggest challenge for this 3D technology are the required short measurement and evaluation times. A solution approach is the parallel processing of the image data. One approach that has been recognized early by the GBS and was integrated into the smartWLI products. The parallel processing is carried out by means of CUDA interface on NVIDIA graphics cards.

The GBS has the end of 2015 launched a project to develop this technology. An expansion of the 3D methods is to be carried out. This is based on developments in the openCL programming language, which is the basis for the programming of graphics cards. Also, the clusters of graphics power is part of the research. The project is funded by the Thuringian Development Bank with financial support from the EU.