Machines for quality assurance


In many cases, a sensor for quality assurance is no longer sufficient. GBS develops customer-specific test systems for quality assurance. 2D and 3D sensors are used. The systems include the automated feeding, testing and sorting of the test parts.

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Industrial image processing

Industrielle Bildverarbeitung

Industrial image processing has become a fixed component of automation solutions. We develop customer-specific solutions for quality assurance tasks in production. In doing so, we can take advantage of our own image processing library and quickly carry out a feasibility analysis with our software package for rapid prototyping.

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3D-Surface measurement


White light interferometry is one of the proven optical measurement methods for the acquisition of 3D topographs with depth resolutions in the lower nanometer range. Due to the parallel detection and processing of the measuring points, height information can be obtained over a large area and in a very short time.

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